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• In what time of the year can we take a tour in Venice, Padua canals and Riviera del Brenta?

The tours can be organized for any time of the year.


• Is there a minimum number of people required to start a tour?

To start any tour we need a minimum of 20 people.


• Is there any bulk discount?

Every 25 tickets you get one for free.


• In what days of the week are the tours available?

Along Padua and Venice canals any day is good. Along Riviera del Brenta we can sail every day except Monday because the rivers locks and the operators don't work.


• How do I book a tour?

You can book via e-mail or by phone; we just need time, number of people and type of route you like. Every quote can be customized.


• Do I need to give any deposit in advance to book a trip?

When the group is confirmed we ask 30% of the total fare to be able to secure the trip.


• Is there any senior discount?

Yes, there is.


• Is there any student discount?

Yes, there is.


• Do you provide the tour operator?

Yes, we do. Upon request we provide the tour operator with the language you need. The operator introduces to the route and when the boat docks it will explains the inside of the buildings and villas.


• Is there any service on board?

Every boat is equipped with toilet and bar.


• Do I need to book a seat?

No, you don't need to book any seat.


• Is it possible to book a boat for a group exclusively?

Yes, it is; when you book a tour you can ask for a boat exclusively for you.

• What happens with the rain?

The navigation is guaranteed also when it rains. All the boats have covered panoramic areas.


• Where can we find the boarding points?

On the web page Boarding points you can find the list with all the different boarding/docking points.

• Can we bring pets?

Pets are welcome with notice and approval.


• Is there any discount for kids?

The tour is free for kids up to five years old. For any other age you can ask for a discount that will be discussed with the organizers.


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