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Artemartours is a tourist navigation company that organizes suggestive boat trips along ancient routes on the rivers or on the lagoon.

We sail along the canals in Padua centre and along Bacchiglione river, we bring you to the Riviera del Brenta from villa to villa to reach the Lagoon and discover Venice and its Islands.

With Artemartours you have the rare chance to see ancient city walls, gorgeous big villas, flowering gardens with centuries-old trees, colorful villages touched by the water, old mills, moving bridges that link the shores, water locks and long pathways that goes along the green banks.

Our fully-insured and legally approved boats have services (toilets, food and music) and panoramic areas where you can enjoy your precious time with no stress.

We have a good range of newly built boats as well as old looking but wisely restored vessels.

Thanks to our tours, the visitors can picture how the navigation looked like centuries ago, enjoy the relaxing sail and meanwhile appreciate the historical and natural wonders of the area.

Our staff is always ready to help on board and during the planning process to properly meets any user's desires.

upon request: rental and exclusive use of the boats, sailing service, food and wine taste on board, bus service and coaches service.


Hope to see you on board!

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